PROACE proves practicality for PA Electrics

When it comes to our customers, no matter what your requirements, our dedicated Toyota team will always find a solution for you. This has been familiar to one of our most recent customers PA Electrics Security aka The Wire Wizard - who recently purchased his new Toyota PROACE van from Hull John Roe.

Priding on the service we have to offer, our Hull John Roe team have been digging deeper to find out what really sparked The Wire Wizard into purchasing one of our most practical vehicles.

The Toyota PROACE van is popular among many business users due to its space, advanced engines and smoother transmissions. Its cost-saving fuel efficiency and great driveability offer the most practical use for business owners. The product itself is a great selling point and it wasn’t long before it caught the likes of local business PA Electrics Security.

Although the PROACE is keen on the eye, The Wire Wizard made clear that it was the excellent service from our Hull team which really made the experience. ‘The product brought me in but you kept me here with the good service’. The van itself is attractive and cool; it’s not your standard white van and has the ability to stand out wherever you go. Designed for practicality, PA Electrics saw the van as brilliantly sized. Although it’s actually lower, the storage space is the same as would be expected, making it easier to get into car parks etc.

For the finishing look Hull John Roe offered The Wire Wizard a range of services. This included; ply lining, locks and graphics and were organised directly inside the dealership. However, whatever services you require for any Toyota vehicle the team at Hull will be happy to sort arrangements for you.

PA Electrics described the service at Hull John Roe as being ‘good all-around’, and would definitely come back again in the future for another van or car. In expectation terms they wish for the van to be exactly how it is now in 5 years’ time. Needn’t they worry because the PROACE is renowned for being made to last, we can guarantee a high quality, practical van that will assist their every need with the Toyota 5 year warranty.

If you like the look of our Toyota PROACE van and are interested in purchasing one for your business like PA Electricals, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The team at Hull John Roe will be happy to assist with any information or requirements, contact them today on 01482 628000. You can also check out our latest business offers through the John Roe website