Death of the diesel, while hybrid sector soars

In recent news the UK car market has enjoyed a considerable increase of 23.1%, with the most intense sector rises being alternatively fuelled vehicles such as hybrid and electric.

Why Hybrid? The hybrid model attracts consumers due to its advantage of consuming less fuel and emitting less CO2 than a comparable petrol or diesel-engine vehicle. It has also been linked to the decline in demand of diesel vehicles and the natural trend to switch to greener engines.

Bye to diesel. Since the emission scandal Toyota has announced that they will not be selling diesel passenger cars as of next year. People are naturally swaying towards the Hybrid models which are working in Toyota’s favour. Recent UK poll data shows that half of the UK drivers want to ban diesel cars from cities due to the affect it’s having on air pollution.

The hybrid now accounts for 52% of Toyota’s total car sales which they expect to increase further next year due to new hybrid models being released 2018/19. At John Roe Toyota we have a wide range of hybrid models to choose from; with our exclusive offers you can try the hybrid version of our Auris Icon for only £10 more a month at £279.11. For such a small extra cost you can help the environment AND your wallet, with less fuel meaning less money and lower emissions, we are not surprised the hybrid sector is soaring!

Toyota has found that an average of at least 50% of test drive journeys are completed in electric mode. We believe our customers can achieve higher than 50%. So why not book a test drive on one of our hybrid models today and see how much you can save. For more information on our hybrid range please see the following link: 

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